RG60 10meters cable


Category:RF Jumper/Cable

Frequency:2G 3G 4G

Gain:            Coverage:10m

Description:use for 2g 3g 4g networks



Product details
Technical data of product Name of cable Solid polyethylene   insulated coaxial cables
Type   of cable LIN-5D-50-5 Standard GB/T14864-93
Item Data of product
Inner   conductor Material Bare copper
Structure 1/1.40±0.02mm
Cross-section 1.54 mm2
Insulation Material PE
Average   thickness 1.7mm
A   little bit the most thin thickness 1.43mm
Overall   diameter 4.80±0.20mm
Outer   conductor Material Copper
Diameter   of braid wire 0.12±0.05mm
Structure   of braid 16*8/0.12mm
Partition of braid 18.8±2.0mm
Overall   diameter 5.3
Out   jacket Material PVC
Average   thickness 0.9mm
A   little bit the most thin thickness 0.67mm
Overall   diameter 7.20±0.20m
Color Black
Marking Printing LIN-5D-50-5    ****m
DC   Resistance of inner conductor at 20℃ ≤45Ω/km
Capacitance 106±3pF/m
Characteristic   impedance 50±2Ω
Testing   voltage of spark 5000V
Testing   voltage 10000V
Attenuation constant at 20℃(Max.) 200MHz 13.3dB/100m
400MHz 19.21dB/100m
900MHz 29.72dB/100m
1800MHz 43.63dB/100m
2000MHz 46.30dB/100m
2400MHz 51.35dB/100m
3000MHz 58.37dB/100m