Glass glass solar modules

Glass glass solar modules are long lasting and ultra resistant to any weather conditions Building Integrated Photovoltaics solution.
BIPV solar panels can be used as an additional power source and alternative material in architecture to achieve future design for a comparable to standard materials price.


Glass-glass solar modules represent a technology where solar cells are encapsulated between two glasses. This type solar modules are more durable, have longer life-span compared to other technologies, that’s why they are the first choice for BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) market. In BIPV glass modules act not only as a construction, but also as an architectural element. Moreover, glass/glass concept allows to utilize bi-facial solar cell technology, thus increasing the maximum power gain from the same surface area.

Glass / glass modules are for those, who are looking for high performance, durable products with long lifespan. Wide range of customization options will allow architects and urban furniture designers to reach the ideal ratio between aesthetics and performance.

Customization options

custom shaped

Custom shaped

Circular, round, triangle, oval shaped, mini rectangle and more custom shaped modules

Custom size options

From 5 cm x 5cm to 2.4 m x 3.8m – we can meet the smallest and the biggest product needs


Custom cell arrangement

The layout is important, so we offer full flexibility on cell pattern in panel
Colored glass solar panels

Colored glass solar panels

Novel printing on glass/glass modules allows color, transparency and general design options
Glass thickness

Glass thickness

From 2mm to 8mm. Other options are possible on demand
Types of cells

Types of cells

Full (5’’ or 6’’) or laser cut cells. Mono, poly, back contact type and colored cells