Capture the sun.

Bollard in Colors
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Configuration is key. The NxT’s user-friendly interface can arrange a rainbow-palette of colours from anywhere, at any time. No cabling implies total freedom in designing your personal lighting plan. NxT solar outdoor lighting suits your demands, regardless of where you install it.


NxT solar outdoor lighting offers endless lighting possibilities. Depending on the model you choose, intensity, color, and special effects can be controlled online or on your smartphone. Want to keep it simple? The lamp post can be set to automatically adapt to sunset & sunrise, so you won’t have to flick a single switch.


Sunlight is the lifeblood of the Nxt. The solar lamp captures it by day and stores it in a high-capacity integrated battery that powers the light for nights on end. Neither the environment nor your wallet will be affected when you leave the lights on. Designed to last and with recyclability in mind, the NxT solar outdoor lamp is the sustainable outdoor lighting choice.


The NxT features state of the art solar cell technology. The integrated are the most efficient ones in the world, and the NxT is the first ever consumer product that captures sunlight with cylindrical solar panels. 

This means that sunlight will always reach the modules at the perfect angle. 

100% Green energy

Fully off-grid.

RGBW LED lighting

Z-Wave home automation

Powered by the sun, the NxT solar bollard offers unique lighting possiblities. NxT can be installed everywhere and does not require cabling or invasive trenching, leaving your garden untouched. Plug and play. The integrated high-capacity lithium ion battery ensures light for all nights, even in dark winters.

The diffuse light module spreads light in all directions. Depending on the chosen features, the lighting intensity, colours and special effects can be controlled online or through an app on a smartphone. Optionally, the NxT can be connected to Z-wave home automation systems.

The NxT combines an elegant design with state-of-the-art technology, such as curved solar panels, RGBW LED, and lithium batteries, resulting in a product that is build to last. NxT can be customized and is offered in a variety of exclusive finishes and colours. 

Technical Products Specification

Bollard height                             ±1.50 meter

LED Light                                   4x4W LED

Battery type                               Lithium-ion

Battery capacity                         20-70 Wh

Pole Structure                            Aluminum

Features                                    Wireless programming & monitoring, automatic sunset & sunrise tracking  

Optional features                        Z-Wave, Smartphone control app, RGBW LED

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