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Stark Link Engineering LLC , located in Dubai, UAE, provide highest technological solutions and services

in the field of Electromechanical, Security and Communications sector for privately owned or governmental leading institutions in the Middle East.
Stark Link Engineering links wide range of high-technology engineering equipment and solutions manufacturers, from around the globe. Not only we sell the high-end as-is products, but also we customize various solutions according the clients’ needs.
Stark Link Engineering founder has hands on communication and security feild firsthand which enabled us to see from our clients point of view and provide them with optimum technical and highest technology solutions.
Our philosophy is to provide our clients with a high-quality service to ensure that design,planning, consultation and cost objectives are met, whatever project is being undertaken.
Being from the region with extensive experience in GCC, Middle East and Africa region, we have a good understanding of best fitting solution for each country and client.
Being creative and innovative in addition to our hard work is one our strongest point that makes us different from all our competitors.


We believe in a better and brighter future; our goal is to bring the most of it to our clients. We shall deliver them optimum futuristic solutions that shall support their development plans.

Looking at where our future is going in the next century,and as part of UAE ongoing growth plan towards green energy and innovative technologies , Stark Link decided to take an action to help enhancing the process by bringing the most and latest technologies around the world into our region. with our determination and continues effort towards perfection , we are hoping to make our world a better place for everyone. We believe changing one life will change thousand lives.

Locating in the potentially and constantly growing region (Middle East) , we are looking at becoming one of the known distributors in the Security & Surveillance Systems providers with respect to the region requirements and values.


Delivering excellent services and products with higher quality and technology  in Security, Surveillance and Telecommunication.We provide latest Technology & Service through sustained Research, Development and through partnership with reliable International Suppliers.



We are registered supplier in Expo2020 Dubai,UAE

Team of Experienced Engineers

We gathered talented and professional engineers in every related fields to enhance our support and selection of products for our clients.

Strategical location

Locating in the heart of United Arab Emirates enable us to have access and trust of our clients in the entire region. We can easily meet our clients by reaching our hands towards them.

Out of the box ideas

Selecting the most innovative suppliers as part of our commitment to all respective clients.

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311, Mayfair building, DIP1, Dubai, UAE

+971 52 8267656, +971 4 880 2204


Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA)

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)

Dubai Chamber of Commerce

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