Professional InfraRed

Transmission system series

One/Two channel Transmitter

Our wireless transmission system transmits audio signals to personal headsets used by multiple listeners.
This system is ideal for language training and exam institutes, translation & interpretation with one or multi-channel in conferences, meetings & classrooms.

Expanding the system

when the system is used in a hall that is bigger than 200 Sqm, you can connect two or more transmitters to fully cover the area.
only one transmitter will be connected to audio source.

wireless transmission system  is a portable audio system. 

Easy to connect

The audio source is 1/4” plug AUX (MP3 player, DVD player, Laptop, PC, Ipod,smartphone...)

InfraRed Benefits

It works with Infrared technology, so the audio signal can't be picked up by any device outside the room.

Sync to expand

The transmitters can be connected together to increase the coverage and work with 2000 headsets at the same time.


No cabling, no infrastructure required,one transmitter can work with up to 40 headsets at the same time.

One/Two Channel Transmitter
Operating Voltage: 28V DC,
Current Drain: 800 mA,
Carrier Frequency: 2.8MHz/2.3MHz
Input Impedance: 1.8Kohm (Audio
In) 1.3Kohm (Mic In).

One/Two Channel Receiver/Headset

Operating Voltage: 3V (1.5V x 2AAA),
Current Drain: 25 mA,
Output Power: 6 mW,
THD: 1.5%,
S / N Ratio: 54 dB,
Frequency Response: 50 Hz (Lower) –
12K Hz (Upper).